Travel guides for Bulgaria

Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria (Travel Guide)

"Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Absorb the vibrant landscape by hiking the Carpathians, relax on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, or experience the kaleidoscope of colours in the Bucovina Monasteries; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Romania and Bulgaria and begin your journey now!"
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Bulgaria
"The ideal travel companion, full of insider advice on what to see and do, plus detailed itineraries and comprehensive maps for exploring this captivating country"

Books about Bulgarian culture

Bulgaria: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (CultureShock!)
Note: this book is better suited to the potential expat (or at least someone intending to spend a lot of time in Bulgaria) than it is a tourist. It is also, in places, outdated. It is still a useful book to read, however.

"CultureShock! Bulgaria is your companion to this beautiful land that was once part of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and which was under Soviet influence for close to 50 years. Discover how the people came to terms with the communist past and the changes that have taken place since they joined the European Union in 1997."
Bulgaria - Culture Smart!

Culture Smart! Deliver useful and concise books about the quirks and customs of various countries. This Bulgarian volume was written by a native - Juliana Tzvetkova - and it shows. It is authoritative and entertaining.

Books about politics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria and Europe: Shifting Identities

"'Bulgaria and Europe: Shifting Identities' offers an in-depth analysis of Bulgaria’s relationship with the European continent. These essays examine how Bulgarian historiography and literature over the centuries have created differing conceptions of Europe and, in the process, shaped the country’s own shifting identity. "
Changing Images of the Left in Bulgaria - An Old-and-New Divide? (Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society)
"Boris Popivanov reassesses the Bulgarian Socialist Party-arguably, the most important political entity in Bulgaria's post-communist history. Considering its internal problems and challenges from a radical grassroots Left, Popivanov explores how the party was the only political organization to remain important after the end of communism. He analyzes the current social and political situation threatening the Socialists and argues for a complete reformulation of the concept of the "Bulgarian Left."

Books about Bulgarian history

 A Concise History of Bulgaria (Cambridge Concise Histories)
". . . The text and illustrations trace the rich and dramatic story from pre-history, through the days when Bulgaria was the centre of a powerful medieval empire and the five centuries of Ottoman rule, to the cultural renaissance of the nineteenth century and the political upheavals of the twentieth, upheavals which led Bulgaria into three wars."
Early history and civilization; plus Bulgarian culture, development, tourism and the economic situation.
First published in 1915, this book was written by four historians - Nevill Forbes, Arnold J. Toynbee, D. Mitrany, D. G. Hogarth - who each put their own experience and tone into the volume. Still worth a read in 2018.