Turkey is a massive country straddling Europe and Asia. For thousands of years, it's been where East meets West for business. Now, millions of tourists also visit.

We have produced over 100 detailed guides about living, working or doing business in Turkey - and have written our own 500+ page book about these subjects.

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Contributor Information – Burak Orkun

Burak is a partner at the Orkun & Orkun law and accountancy firm, which was founded by his father, Süleyman Orkun. The accountancy side of the business provides a full range of book keeping and accountancy services for both Turkish and foreign individuals and companies.

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Facebook Groups for Expats in Turkey

Joining a few Facebook groups is a good way to get a feel for the expat community in Turkey. Find expat events in Turkey and chat and share ideas, experiences and – occasionally – frustrations with like-minded people. Tell us if you’re part of a group that you’d like us to add.

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Dealing with the Administration in Turkey

Dealing with the administration in any new country is tough. Turkey is better than some, and worse than others.

It’s probably worth remembering during the more trying moments that you will experience that there will probably be some Turk in your country at that very moment having exactly the same difficulties with your administration.

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Trusts in Turkey

As in many countries, Trusts can be a very useful tool when managing your affairs in Turkey. They’re useful for both foreigners and native Turks. They are especially useful when managing your inheritance but they have other applications too.

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Inheritance Planning in Turkey

Inheritance planning (sometimes known as ‘estate planning’) is a concept that does not have a universally agreed definition. Here, the two terms are used interchangeably. It is different from, but related to, general financial planning.

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Renting a House in Turkey

Many people coming to Turkey decide to rent a property here. There are several reasons. They may just prefer renting property. They may be sent to Turkey for a fairly short time in connection with their work and find that renting a property in Turkey is more cost-effective than buying. They may decide to rent for a year whilst they look for a property to buy. They may decide to put their cash into a business rather than into a property in which to live.

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Property Development in Turkey

Property development is the process of building new property: homes, hotels, factories etc. It can either be the development of land into buildings – in which case it can either be previously undeveloped land (green field sites) or land that has previously been used for some other purpose – or it can be the re-development of existing buildings

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